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EST. 1980 by Sy Cohen, Stanton Carpet Corporation was built on the mission to create a brand that was synonymous with style and value for the decorative flooring market. Over the past 40 years, the company has grown to be one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and importers of high style, high-quality carpet and fabricators of custom rugs. Stanton rounded out it’s offering with brands that speak to specific niche markets that are in-line with the companies founding mission. For over 40 years, Stanton has been known in the luxury carpet industry to be the premier resource provide high-style, high-quality product. Each style and color are expertly chosen to deliver a superior quality carpet, rug, or runner to any room in your home. With those same principles in mind providing trendsetting products with superior service, Stanton expanded into the hard surface category in 2020. The Natural Beauty Series, a luxury vinyl waterproof flooring, was introduced featuring 24 truly unique colors inspired by nature.

Antrim has taken the carpet world by storm. The brand, originally known for dense chunky undyed wool textures, has been an ever evolving force over the last fifteen years. Now in 2022 the diversity of the line has made the brand a go-to resource for designers and consumers alike. As we continue to add to our natural wool assortment, we have expanded and broadened the offerings. The Fine Weave collection introduces refined, structured flatweaves to the product assortment. The silken collection provides a luminescent touch with is the use of high-end synthetic fibers. Our newest collection, the Craft collection focuses on more decorative, specialty products. We have infused the offerings with color and now pattern as well. With so much to choose from Antrim’s prosperity can only increase as we continue to supplement and strengthen this powerhouse.

Rosecore begins 2022 by using traditional weaving methods to bring dynamic, transitional looks to the brand. Wire wilton is part of Rosecore’s distinguished history. The fine needle point loops and intricate pattern structures make wire wilton one of our most upscale constructions. By building this category we are able to take the brand’s iconic style into today. Over the last decade much of Rosecore’s success and appeal has been focused on decadent, high luster, silk-like carpets. With lifestyles evolving and changing we see an ever emerging demand for performance driven products. There is an expectation that our furniture, home furnishings and carpeting will stand up to the challenges of day to day use and continue to look exceptional. Our proprietary L.I.O.N. yarn system offers the highest level of performance with the same radiance, sheen and poise as the treasured designs the brand is so well known for.

Crescent is the quintessential brand for casual high-end luxury. The brand’s focus on distinctive constructions and specialty handmade yarn has aided in creating Crescent’s extraordinary look. 2022 focuses on texture. We have pushed the hand weaving boundaries to add originality and exclusivity to these timeless designs. Our skilled artisans have spent their lives perfecting the elemental yarn spinning techniques that give our products their signature look. Crescent has a unique and notable identity well known in the marketplace. We take great pride in expanding the offerings while staying true to our roots.

Hibernia is the premiere source for premium hand tufted and hand loomed carpet, as well as specialty machine made styles grounded in an earthy design sensibility. Burly, nubby hand-spun stunners that are foundational in color and minimal pattern, Hibernia offers an unpretentious aesthetic for the relaxed rustic design enthusiast. Our carpets and custom fabricated rugs possess an enduring innate natural beauty and an exceptional versatility that is only achieved by partnering with the finest mills worldwide. Known for foundational styles suitable for everyday living, Hibernia continues to evolve the offering while maintaining a simplified design approach; to be the expert in development of unique textural wools all available in an easy to live with design and color palette.

Stanton Street Decorative Commercial brings the design talents of Stanton Carpet’s multiple brands together to feature an exclusive, competitively priced line of commercial carpet including standard tile sizing, plank sizing and broadloom. Created and tested for heavy commercial use, all products are committed to quality, class I and hold a “stain safe” and “wear” warranty. Stanton Street’s color palette and luxe patterns are a reflection of contemporary, downtown interior design.

Launched in 2020, Stanton DWF has quickly become a go to resource for the retailers in the hard surface category.  Bringing the Stanton eye for design and style to hard surface. At Stanton, we believe that great rooms are built from the ground up. Your flooring choice sets the foundation for all of the decorative elements that define who you are and what you love. Cover more ground with Stanton Decorative Waterproof Flooring; the latest in SPC technology.

Cavan Carpets has been built on the belief that in order to produce the finest carpets and rugs in the world, you must start with the finest materials in the world. We spend countless hours researching and testing our materials so that we can give you the very best in handmade, wall-to-wall broadloom and area rugs. We use the best products found in nature and combine them with a one-of-a-kind human touch to produce unique, luxurious handmade products with a stunning look and feel. Using only fine, long staple wool, Cavan Carpets products will give you years and years of softness, luxury and enjoyment.

Pinnacle by Cavan will quickly become your go-to custom carpet and area rug program for all of your special projects. With competitive pricing and high-style designs, Pinnacle by Cavan is geared toward crafting a beautiful, high-end, one-of-a kind carpet with ease. Pinnacle by Cavan offers sophisticated wall-to-wall carpet and masterfully crafted area rugs. Each piece is made to order to detailed specifications. No other program in the market offers the value, quality, ease of ordering and custom capabilities of Pinnacle by Cavan.

Floors 2000, Inc. was established in 1999 in an effort to serve dealers by providing them with the proper tools and products they need to grow their businesses. Our distribution network reaches over 13 states in the southeast including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Our vast selection of products comes from all parts of the world to give each specific customer exactly what they are looking for.

The Stanton Rug Company offers you a curated selection of rugs
constructed of only the finest materials and boast the highest level of
craftsmanship. The artisans that weave our rugs call upon skills passed
down through generations to create rugs that offer comfort, timeless
beauty, captivating design, performance and durability. You are sure to
find the perfect rug to build upon from the Stanton Rug Company.