Relax Collection – “A Restful Revolution”

The lap of luxury is right at your feet with Stanton’s new Relax Collection. Best of Show winner at Surfaces 2016, Relax offers eye-catching avant-garde visuals complemented by opulent high-sheen pile. Just as the impressionist movement changed the art world forever, Sound Waves breaks barriers with radical modern looks that are as random and progressive […]

Tides Collection – “Making Waves”

Let the surface appeal of Stanton’s new Tides Collection envelope you in waves of tranquility and bathe your home in serene beauty. Washed out hints of an intricate antique rug are the inspiration behind Stillwater whose designs gradually fade in and out of focus as your eyes are drawn across the room. Parched and scorched […]

Journey Collection – “Intersecting Pathways”

Stanton gives classic designs a fresh twist with the new Atelier Journey Collection. The eye-catching and timeless chevron pattern receives a highly dimensional look in Circuit. Migrate imparts captivating texture and layering variance bringing new meaning to tufted looks. Trek offers a complex interwoven presentation of intersecting lines and angles that together offer a striking […]