“Layering on The Refinement”

Stanton’s Cottage Collection offers a new twist on the classic Wiltons with new updated designs that offer modern flare and eye-catching appeal. The latest looks take the soft surface to new heights with multidimensional fibers that add to the surface appeal of the highly textured designs. The contemporary looks of Hillside are achieved through a […]

Stardust Collection -“Dynamic Deconstruction”

Stanton’s Stardust Collection takes soft flooring to the next level with an antique spin on the most modern of looks. When it comes to classic soft fiber flooring, Nostalgia breaks the mold. Its brilliantly abstract serpentine designs are stylized to simulate an antique finish. The resulting modern look is accentuated with random tarnishing that adds […]

Journey Collection – “Expect The Unexpected”

The Atelier Journey Collection by Stanton brings a striking new vigor to classic looks with highly textured cut and loop nylon fiber. A timeless herringbone pattern, Bravo adds a fresh take on a traditional pattern. Contrasting hues add an exciting dimension. Fanfare captures the eye through an intersecting composition of crosshatched lines and angles. Tribute […]

Enterprise Collection – “Eye Catching Elegance”

A polished twist on a classic look paired with multi-layered texture are the hallmarks of Stanton’s new Atelier Enterprise Collection. The new presentations offer highly stylized, clean designs achieved with mixed cut and loop nylon fibers. Campaign showcases in a plush, two-level cut and loop fiber surface accentuated by means of a contrasting crosshatch grid […]