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A perfect pairing of luxury and performance, our new L.I.O.N. yarn system sets the standard for practical elegance. Utilizing solution-dyed, UV-stabilized nylon allows for enhanced color retention as well as stain and weather resistance for both interior and exterior applications. Carrying on the Rosecore tradition of luxurious style, our exclusive L.I.O.N. yarn system adds superior performance to meet every need and exceed every expectation.

Strength & Durability

StainSafe™ built-in protection to give you comfort in knowing that your carpet can be easily cleaned from everyday messes including food, beverages, & pet stains!

Superior Colorfastness

Solution dying is a process where the yarn is infused with color pigment during manufacturing, creating superior colorfastness, ensuring the beauty of your carpet for years to come.

Soft Hand

L.I.O.N. yarn has superior luster, a silky sheen and is incredibly soft to the touch for luxurious comfort.  



Explore The Entire Collection


San Martino

San Martino is a showstopper! The ground has a beautiful all-over texture that offers dimension and depth. The elongated stripe adds a design element that further enhances the sophistication and versatility of the style. San Martino is sure to add elegant style and performance practicality with subtle design sophistication.

San Pietro

San Pietro features a dense, luxurious cut and loop pile finish. Its extremely soft hand and opulent silk-like sheen will surely make an impression. The colorations complement one another brilliantly and offer a timeless elegance to any setting. Not only does San Pietro meet performance expectations, it will offer lasting beauty for years to come. Also available in Stocked Rugs.

San Salvador

San Salvador is a small-scale hand-tufted crosshatch texture. The dynamic color mixing creates meaningful colorations that have depth and magnitude. San Salvador’s soft lush hand makes it a must-have for great rooms, family rooms, and many more. Effortlessly stylish and highest in performance, our LION program has it all.

San Augustine

San Augustine is a sumptuous cut pile that steals the show. The plush pile is cut by hand. This process forms the slightly irregular texture and creates the illusion of a hand-knotted rug. When you take the epitome of luxury and add the height of performance you get a winner. San Augustine, a fantastic addition to our L.I.O.N. offerings, is soon to be a staple in every designer library.

San Gennaro

The bold patterning of San Gennaro heightens and uplifts this magnificent tip shear. Crisp stripes and bold colorations are the cornerstones of style for San Gennaro. Add the soft, supple, luxurious hand of the tip-shear finish and you have a sure winner. Backed with the performance attributes of our L.I.O.N. yarn system, these broad awning stripes can be paired with nautical beach house décor, modern minimalistic interiors, and everything in between.

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