Triumph Collection – “Make a Statement”

Stanton’s new Atelier Triumph Collection offers multidimensional, captivating looks achieved with nylon. Bold and alluring patterns draw the eye subtly into these enchanting carpets. Stanton’s Triumph Collection offers a tip sheared surface that adds to the dimensional textured effect of the line. Elation presents in a random maze that stimulates the eye and stirs the […]

Portfolio Collection – “Piqued Interest”

The Atelier Portfolio Collection by Stanton offers a modern interpretation of classic soft surface flooring with highly dimensional and textured contemporary looks that complement all interiors. The tactile, multi-level plush fibers in Figment capture the senses and invite one to touch and experience its luxury. Quirk offers a level loop with eye-catching striated space dye […]

Elements Collection – “Classic Emblems”

The Elements Collection by Stanton offers geometric designs that complement all styles of interior design with distinct compelling styles that are both eye-catching and serene. Havana offers a highly dimensional diamond motif flatweave made with a blend of polypropylene and wool for stability, strength and balance. The clean lines of the herringbone pattern in Dominica […]

Natural Wonders – “To Be or Knot To Be”

Stanton’s new Natural Wonders Collection offers carpeting with a classic look, made with compact fibers that are suitable and versatile for any room. The supreme comfort of the collection is only one of Natural Wonders’ outstanding qualities. The 100% premium wool fibers are smooth and sturdy, and provide strength and structural integrity. Bryce presents in […]

“Intersecting Points Of Interest”

Stanton’s new Atelier Portfolio collection networks orderly and uniform patterns with tip sheared texturally abstract looks. Frenzy presents a versatile grid pattern designed to complement contemporary and rustic settings. Mania heightens the intrigue with a bold interpretation of angular intersecting lines that are continuous and unbroken. The design works to lengthen spaces and evoke both […]

Textur Collection – “A Glow In The Distance”

Light glistens across a sea of contrast and intrigue in Stanton’s Atelier Textur Collection. Amplitude’s blurred visuals contrast with vibrant color-block designs that draw in the eye. Magnitude takes the surreal water theme a step further, with muted pools alongside glowing pops of neon light that exude excitement and energy. All styles are made of […]

Relax Collection – “A Restful Revolution”

The lap of luxury is right at your feet with Stanton’s new Relax Collection. Best of Show winner at Surfaces 2016, Relax offers eye-catching avant-garde visuals complemented by opulent high-sheen pile. Just as the impressionist movement changed the art world forever, Sound Waves breaks barriers with radical modern looks that are as random and progressive […]

Tides Collection – “Making Waves”

Let the surface appeal of Stanton’s new Tides Collection envelope you in waves of tranquility and bathe your home in serene beauty. Washed out hints of an intricate antique rug are the inspiration behind Stillwater whose designs gradually fade in and out of focus as your eyes are drawn across the room. Parched and scorched […]

Journey Collection – “Intersecting Pathways”

Stanton gives classic designs a fresh twist with the new Atelier Journey Collection. The eye-catching and timeless chevron pattern receives a highly dimensional look in Circuit. Migrate imparts captivating texture and layering variance bringing new meaning to tufted looks. Trek offers a complex interwoven presentation of intersecting lines and angles that together offer a striking […]

Endeavor Collection – “Traditional With a Twist”

Atelier’s latest introductions blend multidimensional designs with exceptional durability. Baroque harkens back to the Gothic period with an ornate display of interlocking scrolls over a two-tone background. In a similar vein, Entwined draws attention through winding, filigree and foliage set against a contrasting flat weave backdrop. Drawing on intersecting stripes, Framework displays an eye-catching intricate […]