The lap of luxury is right at your feet with Stanton’s new Relax Collection. Best of Show winner at Surfaces 2016, Relax offers eye-catching avant-garde visuals complemented by opulent high-sheen pile. Just as the impressionist movement changed the art world forever, Sound Waves breaks barriers with radical modern looks that are as random and progressive as they are intentional and organized. Centered presents an interlocking diamond trellis motif that is accentuated through luxurious sheared and layered contrasting fibers. Intertwining filigree and latticework designs give Garden of Eden its own ornamental yet intricately delicate appeal. Modern industrial design takes shape in Pulse, which juxtaposes a look of raw shattered glass looks with refined style in an uber-soft plush carpet. These new styles are available as custom-sized rugs as well as wall to wall installations and are recommended for residential applications.

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