Let the surface appeal of Stanton’s new Tides Collection envelope you in waves of tranquility and bathe your home in serene beauty. Washed out hints of an intricate antique rug are the inspiration behind Stillwater whose designs gradually fade in and out of focus as your eyes are drawn across the room. Parched and scorched earth inspired the looks of Fairwater which imparts a sunbaked crackle effect over a silky smooth soft textured floor. Woven fibers take on the effects of a watercolor pond scene in Ripplewater. When standing over this luxurious ethereal pool for your floor you will be certain that the sun’s rays are blazing through a canopy of trees just above you. The randomness and aged look of a handmade cherished Persian rug are the hallmarks of Edgewater. Stanton’s Tide’s Collection is available in a woven cut pile with polysilk that imparts spectacular dimension and vibrant color. The designs are available as custom sized rugs and as wall to wall installations.

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