Luxury Vinyl 101

Everything you need to know before you buy

What is LVP or LVT?

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material favored for its durability and functionality. It has become an increasingly popular flooring material in recent years because of its ability to fight off moisture and its versatile appearance. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable flooring options. Vinyl flooring can realistically mimic wood, stone, marble, and a vast array of other luxury flooring materials.

What makes our luxury vinyl flooring so special? Well, besides being visually stunning and ultra-chic, choosing Stanton Decorative Waterproof Flooring for your home will give you peace of mind and enables you to make the mess and worry less. Our Stanton Shield protection ensures your floors will look beautiful for years to come. If that’s not enough, we’ve stacked the deck with several other features that will make your decision to choose Stanton an easy one.

Stanton Decorative Waterproof Flooring consists of four layers of materials. The first, or bottom, layer of these is the backing layer, generally made of cork or foam. It is designed to serve as the underlayment for the vinyl flooring so that you do not have to install another material prior to laying down the vinyl flooring. Additionally, it functions as a cushion to make walking on the floor more comfortable and a sound barrier to keep noise at bay.

Finally, there is the wear layer, which sits at the top of vinyl flooring and protects it from being harmed. High-traffic areas will need a thick wear layer in order to retain a long lifespan, while less walked-upon areas can handle a thinner wear layer. Stanton has an added Stanton Shield stain and scratch resistance 22 mil wear layer that can withstand heavy traffic and ensures your flooring will maintain its beauty for years to come.

Stanton DWF Features & Benefits

Great for basements, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more.

Easy cleanup for accidents.
Because life happens.

Stain and scratch-resistant. 22-mil wear layer withstands heavy traffic.

Our dense SPC core provides 3x the dent resistance versus traditional
waterproof floors.

Our 4mm thick core plus 1mm attached super-quiet IXPE pad with a total of 5mm thickness ensures your floors are quiet underfoot.

Stanton Decorative Waterproof Flooring has a lifetime guarantee in a residential setting.

Score and snap; no glue required. Can be installed over most existing floors, saving time and money.

Clean debris with a soft broom or vacuum cleaner. Then, a well-wrung wet mop or cloth with clean water and a light cleanser. No wax or oil needed.

Stanton Decorative Waterproof Flooring has a lifetime guarantee in a residential setting.