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Stanton has established itself as a leading name in style and design within the flooring industry for over 40 years. With a commitment to unparalleled quality and the highest level of customer service and consumer satisfaction, Stanton is a reliable source for all flooring needs. Equipped with a knowledgeable team of experts, we're here to guide you in your flooring journey, ensuring that you find the perfect solution to suit your style and space. Whether it's a plush, comfortable custom area rug for your living room, a decorative stair or hallway runner, or a durable hard surface solution for a family on the go, Stanton has you covered.

The History of Stanton Carpet

Sy Cohen Profile Picture

Stanton Carpet Corporation is founded in New York by Sy Cohen in April 1980.

Stanton Carpet Original Logo

The Wilton Gallery Collection is introduced in September 1993.

Wilton Gallery

Stanton Carpet acquires Royal Dutch Carpet in April 1995.

Royal Dutch

National Shelter Magazine advertising campaign launches.


Stanton Carpet continues to grow in August 1998 with an expansion and relocation from Dalton, GA to Calhoun, GA with the purchase of 80,000 square foot distribution center.

Calhoun office in 1999

Antrim Carpets USA, LTD is acquired by Stanton Carpet in November 2007.

Antrim Logo

HFN survey ranks Stanton Carpet #10 in the top rug brands in November 2009.

HFN Survey Ranks Stanton Carpet #10 in November 2009

In October 2010, a wholesale carpet division from F. Schumacher was acquired and is rebranded as the Stanton Carpet premier brand Rosecore.

Rosecore Logo
Jonathan Cohen Profile Picture

Jonathan Cohen is named Chief Executive Officer of Stanton Carpet in March 2014.

Stanton Logo 2014

Stanton Carpet opens new 227,000 square foot customer service, distribution, and fabrication center in Calhoun, GA in September 2015.

Stanton Carpet 227,000 sq ft distribution center in Calhoun, GA

Crescent Carpet Importers is acquired by Stanton Carpet in July 2016.

Crescent Logo

In October 2017, Stanton Carpet launched it's revolutionary new Stanton B2B platform.

Stanton B2B Launched in October 2017

Hibernia Woolen Mills is acquired by Stanton Carpet in November 2017.

Hiberenia Logo

The updated Stanton, Antrim, Rosecore and Crescent consumer websites launch in January 2018.

A photo of the updated Stanton websites

Stanton Street Decorative Commercial launches in October 2018.

Stanton Street Decorative Commercial Logo

Stanton Carpet opens it's new corporate headquarters in Woodbury, NY in November 2018.

Stanton Corporate Headquarters in Woodbury, NY

Stanton Decorative Waterproof Flooring launches as Stanton's first hard surface offering in January 2020.

Stanton DWF Logo (Blue)

First virtual customer conference titled "Breaking New Ground" showcases all new product introductions in April 2021.

Stanton Breaking New Ground 2021

In May 2021, Stanton Carpet acquired Cavan Carpets Artisan Weavers.

Cavan Carpets Artisan Weavers acquired By Stanton

Stanton launches it's new Visualize It technology to it's website.

Stanton Visualize It Screenshot

Dunes Point Capital, LP acquires Stanton Carpet Corporation in October 2021.

Dunes Point Capital, LP Logo

Floors 2000, a ceramic tile distributor and importer is acquired by Stanton Carpet in August 2022.

Floors 2000 Acquired by Stanton