Tufted Carpets


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CHECK BEFORE CUTTING – Is the carpet the correct style, color, size, pattern, texture? Compare it to the sample and look for obvious errors.

Ask the end user to check the material for a possible error in any of the items listed above.

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All carpet must be cut with SHARP CUTTING EQUIPMENT to assure a clean cut and a smooth edge for seam sealing.

All carpet edges (especially loop textures) must be sealed with an appropriate seam or edge sealer to prevent raveling. A non-sealed edge will eventually ravel causing the yarn to come out and the secondary back to delaminate.

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Pad – for maximum texture retention, we recommend installation over a proper underlayment or pad such as a flat rubber (Tred-MOR 2580, 1562-2, or equivalent) or fiber cushion (synthetic felt) with a minimum weight of 40 oz/sy.

If there are any problems with the carpet that will prevent you from making a good installation, STOP the installation and report the problems to the Stanton Carpet Technical Department. 706.624.9385.

NOTE: All warranties and performance guarantees require proper installation and maintenance of the carpet. Claims against carpet cut and/or installed with obvious errors or defects will not be honored.

For more detailed installation instructions, refer to publication CRI-105-2002 STANDARD FOR INSTALLATION OF RESIDENTIAL CARPET or CRI-104-2002 STANDARD SPECIFICATION OF COMMERCIAL CARPET.

Please contact Stanton’s Customer Service Department at  1-706-624-9385  with any questions or concerns.